PMI New Trends in Project Management

Peter Mello, PMP, PMI-SP (Brisk PPM Product Manager) was invited by the PMI Poland to deliver a workshop and a lecture at the PMI New Trends in Project Management conference, in Europe.

After choosing Mr. Mello to select the articles to be presented at the New Trends in Project Management conference, held every year in Poland/Europe, the event commission realized that he could also contribute to the event by delivering a workshop that would showcase distinguished technologies for portfolio optimization.

The first presentation (Dynamic Resource SchedulingPortfolio Strategies for shared resources) was created based on Brisk PPM Mockup Portfolio with Nasa Projects. The author discussed the importance of keeping benefits realization management and portfolio strategies aligned when carrying out resource scheduling optimization.

Send the author an email to get a copy of the presentation:

The second presentation (Integrated Portfolio Risk Management: Practical application of Monte Carlo Simulation for Benefits Realization) written by Peter Mello in collaboration with Engr. Marcus Possi (co-author) was offered as a workshop where participants had the opportunity to check out the different tools integrated for improving benefits realization management.

A Monte Carlo Simulation was created using data extracted from Brisk PPM.

For more information visit (includes presentations and example files).

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